The Ballentines in Tennessee

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The 5th Tennessee Ballentine!

Now that I am past my 12th week and can start posting updates about the alien on here! Baby X is in his/her 15th week! Growing well and according to the ultrasound tech moving all over the place! I cant really feel any movement yet but I will update when the kicking starts. Should find out gender in about 4 weeks! Exciting times here but now we have to buy a car that holds 3 car seats! Further updates in the future!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shelby put daddy in a time out! She was nice enought to give him a baby and a blanket. Guess she thought he needed a nap too!

We went to watch the

highway department fix the road at my parents house. Shelby got to sit in the backhoe. She loved it.

Love the look on her face.

Jay gave his self a summer hair cut while I was at work this weekend. How handsome is he!

Love how my girls fall asleep in the car but this couldn't have been very comfortable for Shelby. She must have been really tired! Too funny!

New Family Members!

These are our two new family members Shadow and Sassy. They were resuced during the storms that we had a couple of weeks ago, found near a recycling center in Henry County.

This one is the boy Shadow. He is so tiny!

This is Sassy the female. They both have blue eyes and are adorable, cuddly and playful! They even tolerate the girls carrying them all over. Watch out when you walk though they like to attack your feet and bite toes! Kitten teeth are sharp!

Shelby wanted everyone to see her "Gauze Paws" Hope fully the one on the right hand can come off soon but the left one will be on for a while longer. Notice the many colors that she picked.

I love this pic of Julia. Jay took it with his phone after she woke up from a nap one day. Look at those eyes! She is so beautiful!

Jay took the girls on a "picnic" after work one day. This is the picnic table he built for them. She the McDonalds. Bad daddy!

Our Monkey!

There is a reason we call her monkey. Very good at dangling.

This is what happens when you put a extremely tired child in time out. It only took a minute for her to crash. Look closely at her legs and you can see the many bruises she has. Her doctor calls them boy legs!

Fun on the bikes after the storm. Got really nice outside and couldn't stay in!

This is her CHEESE face!

The Great Flood!

Jay with the super cute Dora umbrella!
This is a restaurant in town! The water flooded the inside of the restaurant.

This was a 5 foot high fence down the road from my parents house. You can barely see the top of the fence.

How cute are my girls! Julie had a scarf that matched her sun dress and Shelby had to have a head scarf also! Too cute!

Devan has to do a book report on Benjamin Franklin and he has to dress up like him also. I found this super cool costume on Ebay for him. How cute is he!

Just Like Daddy!

Jay had to work on the push mower before he could mow and Shelby decided to work on hers too. Like father like daughter! Notice that she is wearing a pink skirt and white shirt and dosen't care! Thats my girl!

Captured these super cute naptime shots on the way back from

Nashville. Tired babies. Good thing I brought along the pillows.

Shelby went for her 4 year checkup right back in March. These were some cute pics that I got of her examining her sister and pretending to be Dr. Minor.

Shelby touched the charcoal grill lid last weekend and got 2nd degree burns on both thumbs! You can see the blisters on both thumbs in this pic. Thank god it was only the thumbs!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daddy gave me hot chocolate!


Too cool!

Must have a spa treatment after all the partying!
Julia was worn out also!

Sisters relaxing together.

Shelby had been asking for a Spongebob pinata for her birthday party for about 2 months. Here are some pics of the fun that was had trying to bust it!

Amazing no one was hit during all the wild swinging.

"Let it down daddy!"

This is a random cute photo that I found in the camera. I love the look on her face!

Shelby is 4!

Shelby turned 4 today! Where has the time gone? She is such a big girl now.

Can I eat the cake now?

Our good friend Emily made this cake for Shelby because Shelby had to have a Spongebob cake.Thanks Emily!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mommy can blow out the candles. Someone is touching me!
I am so tired

How cna I get some cake with no one noticing?

Is this my baby doll?

Look! I got cars from daddy!

I can"t get this thing open!
Notice the cousin and sister in every shot!